Closing the recycling loop

ImageThere are a number of myths about recycling that are frequently mistaken for facts, particularly when it comes to paper. The two most common are that using recycled paper saves trees, and that recycling paper is harmful to the environment because of the bleach used to get the ink off, neither of which are true.

Then too there is the perennial question of whether it’s better for the environment if we use recycled paper or paper made with pulp from sustainably managed forests. The answer lies in striking the right balance: paper fibres cannot be recycled indefinitely and virgin fibres must be brought into the cycle to keep it going.

A further problem is the misconception that recycled paper is of poor quality for printing. De-inking technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years, as has print technology, and quality has improved accordingly.

And of course, another consideration is that if we don’t recycle the paper, what else can we do with it?

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