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Articles cover all sorts of topics from explaining the basics of carbon footprinting for printers, to describing how individual printing companies are doing their bit to minimise their impact on the envrionment. This is an educational site that includes reference material and links to industry associations and environmental organisations around the world.

Prince Charles and Abating Climate Change

medium_Laurel_2012.jpegThe weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner

When you ask people if they think it’s important to tackle climate change, most agree that it is. If you then ask them who should be responsible for fixing our environmental mess, you can expect a general railing against big business in league with evil politicians who care only about staying in power. This is a convenient cliché endemic across all sectors of society and industry, including printing and publishing. But we and the environment are not suffering because of conniving powerful entities and a lack of initiative. Rather it’s the opposite. There are huge numbers of organisations setting up environmental projects looking for hope and glory and that their efforts will slow malign climate change’s progress.

Going Round in Circles

medium_Laurel.jpgThe weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner

The Greek government’s antics and dissemblings to the upper echelons of the European Commission have been astonishing. They’ve been played out on a public stage that one way or another has involved everyone. But life goes on beyond the bounds of Greek high drama, even for the European Union (EU). The new circular economy strategy for Europe is a case in point.

Is Interest in Carbon Footprinting Stalled?

medium_laurel3.jpgThe weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner

A couple of years ago carbon footprinting was high on the agenda for all industries. People worked feverishly to develop standards to support it, even in the printing industry which has a standard dedicated to calculating the carbon footprint of print media. ISO 16759 was published a couple of years ago since when several carbon calculators have been certified for compliance to it. Heidelberg and Ricoh have both tried to encourage uptake, and ISO has sold quite some copies. So that’s all good, however there is definitely waning market interest in matters green. And many carbon calculators are considered to be simply too hard to use.

Water Water Everywhere

medium_Laurel_2012.jpegThe weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner

Many printing companies around the world have rainwater capture systems which they use to water their shrubberies and lawns, or for flushing toilets. Not many of them see making their car parks and loading bays look pretty as being of benefit to the wider community. However they might want to take a closer look, especially in water starved parts of the world, such as India or Australia and California.

Invisible Print is a Source of Environmental Impact Reduction

medium_Laurel.jpgThe weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner

We recently learned all about auditing companies for their compliance to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and as part of the training we visited a large drinks maker in the UK for a trial audit. Britvic, based in East London, has been a publicly traded company since 2005 and has a declared public commitment to environmental management. This commitment is an important part of Britvic’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy and relates to all parts of the business. Yet nowhere in its policy documents could we find a reference to managed print procurement or how print and publishing functions fit with the policy. Britvic’s Environmental Management Policy is publicly available online (see http://britvic.co.uk/en/Sustainable-business/Policies-and-Reports/Safety...) and is displayed, on printed signs, throughout its manufacturing plant.


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